Kali’s Drawing Class- Renzi

Kali Nikolou, an artist in residence whose artistic perspectives are based upon the use and representation of existing practices and policies of institutions and various kinds of environments in their absolute conventional representation. Within her work, Kali exaggerates existing situations as an ironic comment, where political representations are the foundation of Kali’s work.

Kali teaches a drawing class at F_AIR that encourages her students to create art through the faces and roles of those who are governing Europe in current time. In these photographs Kali has given to her class the portrait of Matteo Renzi; the major of Florence, and the students were motivated to draw a conceptual representation of the political figure based on the impact he has had on the community. Renzi is a vital figure, because there is a direct direct correlation between politics and art, and the students used these conceptions as the concrete foundation of their portrayals.

Given this portrait of Matteo Renzi, Kali’s students are provoked to draw a conceptual representation of this political figure. The students are stimulated to think critically and not only comprehend artistic practices, but also fundamentally understand the correlation between politics and the arts. Kali’s exhibition Do It Right When No One Is Looking parallels these notions of political representations through an unambiguous but simultaneously unexpected form and allows the audience to interpret her art in an unconventional way. These concepts are mimicked with her students through such exercises that permits them to think outside the box.

The immense thought stimulation of the artists often tires them out, requiring small breaks in between their work creations  😉