Simultanea Spazi d’Arte Art Gallery

By Anna Huger

foto-77486_25910_13828Simultanea Spazi d’Arte is a small art gallery located in Firenze. On Monday we spoke to the curator/owner of the gallery to understand and to seek information on how to run and manage this gallery. Typically, shows only last for two-three weeks and there is a long waiting list in order to be shown. New artists are discovered through websites and blogs where artists put up their work in order to be picked for a show. Otherwise, the curator will seek out artists they find interesting and want to present. We asked if we could collaborate with their art gallery however, the language barrier is difficult especially with working side by side. Shadowing and learning about the gallery and how it works would help us learn and understand the process aside even with a language barrier. In order to understand a feel for the artists this gallery picks we have read and analyzed the three main artists that Simultanea Spazi D’Arte have worked with. These artists include Piero Sani, Blank and Blank.

Piero Sani was born in Spicchio Di Vinci on April 10th 1947. A native to Florence, Sani has been constantly surrounded by art his entire life. Starting in his early years, Sani has always been fascinated with renaissance artists and would take advantage of exhibits and museums around him in order to understand the art on a deeper level. He later attended the school of drawing and had his first show in 1973. His work includes lots of bright and daring colors and typically shows two contrasting images. The background shows landscapes and the main image on the piece is of a scarf with varying patterns and shapes. The theme of his works remains consistent while the colors and patterns all vary. Although these pieces of work remain aesthetically pleasing his painting keep a naturalistic feel.

Luciano Borin is a local artist from Florence who studied at the academia di belle arti di Firenze. Borin paints colorful paintings that mostly revolve around people and their interactions with each other. He considers himself a contemporary artist and he also works with sculpture and digital photography. His next event is on November 7 and is being held at bibliotheca communal.

Gio Sparapani is an interior design artist from Florence that creates contemporary art for spaces. His art is very abstract and is a mix of different textures. Some of his pieces contain images of iconic sculptures from Italy. His pieces contain bright colors and a mix of textures and images. There was no press release or not a lot of information on him.