Sanzen – Spring 2015

By FUA Fine Arts and DIVA students

May 13-June 9

Curated by: Michaela Stratmann Bubier, Julia Mckenzie Ennis, Emily Catherine Junker, Jacqueline Krigbaum, Alyssa Christine Severe


About the exhibition: In Zen philosophy, SANZEN is a moment of spiritual encounter between master and disciple. SANZEN means to meditate together and is utilized to request kōan from the master or to respond to it. During the encounter, rational questions are usually not permitted since the passing of knowledge from the master to the disciple takes place heart to heart, far from logical categories. SANZEN is therefore an activity in which the instructor’s attention is placed on the life of the student. The encounter is an opportunity for students to raise questions, demonstrate his or her existence, and face communication challenges based on profound spiritual and personal matters with another human being. What happens during SANZEN is strictly confidential. SANZEN usually lasts 5 to 10 minutes and is concentrated on a principal question. The question is related only marginally to the problem: the great effort to clarify and pronounce the problem is the key to the learning process. We can reflect on how a solution lies on the opposite end of the problem. The instructor guides the student towards this direction, and the student seeks to reach it. One may feel confused, anxious, or frustrated along the way, but things come into focus if the practice is maintained. Through meditation we gain something every day, and by not meditating we can lose something every day.

– Faculty Coordinator Gianni Rossiello

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