TEAR down – Fine Arts

TEAR down – FUA School of Fine Arts
Spring 2014 Final exhibition

May 7-13, 2014 @ Ganzo

Student Curator: Tatyana Valova


Featured Courses & Supporting Faculty
Mixed Media, Intermediate and Advanced Ceramics – Gaetano Cunsolo
Beginning Ceramics –  Laura De Santis
Florence Sketchbook, Fresco Painting, Painting, Foundation Sculpture – Paride Moretti
Watercolor and Tempera/Gouaches Techniques, Intermediate and Advanced Drawing, Foundation Painting  – Alessandra Ragionieri
Foundation Drawing – Nicoletta Salomon

Curator’s Introduction:
As the Spring semester 2014 is ending, it is time to sum up our experience at FUA, and its School of Fine Arts, located at F_AIR. In these premises I have been double involved in these past three months: I have been attending the course of Gallery Assistance Experiential Learning and I have been one of the main contributors of F_AIR Ganzo Collective, a group of students who take care of the school’s art events, and collaborates with the local art community. During the semester and in the past few weeks, I was deeply immersed in the process of preparing Tear Down, the exhibition of the students of Fine Arts. As the show is the final project of my curatorial studies, my role was selecting the work and organizing the exhibition itself. After I got the theme of the exhibition (Tear Down, as its title) I started to work with a very close coordination with all professors of the art department as well as their students. The idea of the show is quite complicated and broad, and it could be interpreted in many different ways. This is how we have proceeded: each professor explained to their students the topic of the exhibition, in a very personal way. They started by an easy illustration of the topic, referring to artists who literally and formally “torn down”or “ripped” their pieces in the past (Lucio Fontana, Mimmo Rotella, Raymond Hains), and then they passed to a more conceptual approach. Afterwards it was a matter of interpreting the subject by students, who have to be able to express their ideas, yet conforming to the theme of the exhibition. However, this ambiguous subject gave birth to a mixed and bright show, which includes works of incredible variety, subjectivity, and passion. If the title Tear Down first suggests works about destruction, breaking, demolition, etc., we are surprised to find on show works that, on the contrary, are about material things, emotions, memories, buildings, cities, and everything else that can be reconstructed somehow. Many students came to the idea that one can start to build up something new from the past, and the ruined. Having spent a semester in such an old city as Florence, was probably crucial for this positive thinking. So, no matter how vast the theme of the exhibition appears to be, our young artists at FUA have found ways to even expand it more, demonstrating that creativity and has no boundaries, and that a single topic can open a great variety of alternatives, in art as in life. – Tatyana Valova

See the catalog here.