IN STUDIO – Fine Arts

IN STUDIO – FUA School of Fine Arts
Fall 2014 Final Exhibition

Dec 3-10, 2014

Student Curators: Mary Madeleine De Regnauld de Belleseize, Jennifer Kelly Hoskins, Haley Markham, Sadie Sullivan

Faculty Coordinator: Gianni Rossiello


Featured Courses & Supporting Faculty
Social Practices of Contemporary Art – Lucia Giardino
Foundation Painting, Foundation Drawing – Alessandra Ragionieri
Mixed Media, Florence Sketchbook – Paride Moretti
Words, Painting, and Emotions: The Mind Map of Creativity – Nicoletta Salomon
Beginning and Advanced Ceramics – Gaetano Cunsolo

About the Exhibition
The “In Studio” exhibit is a compilation of works done by Florence University of the Arts students (School of Fine Arts) that explore mediums done in various classes such as Words, Painting and Emotions: The Mind
Map of Creativity, Foundation Drawing, Florence Sketchbook, Foundation Painting, Mixed Media and Ceramics. The artworks deal with a mixture of mediums including ceramics, paint, oil, graphite pencil, and much more. Each class explores a different theme that allows the students to interpret that specific theme in their own way.
The title of the new exhibition presented at Ganzo’s AperiArt is an explanation of the educational path of the students. It’s a dynamic process in which students, as foreigners in Florence, have the chance to navigate, observe, listen, analyze, and perceive new contexts. A process that has also allowed them to be “in the studio” and experience
the daily life of the artist, in close contact with themselves and their creative expression. Vitality accompanied by reflection is felt in each featured work: this is the greatest satisfaction for the instructors after guiding the students through experiential learning, demonstrating yet again how learning is about practical application and facing challenges.

See the catalog here.