COLORS – FUA/Petrocchi

Collaborative Exhibition – FUA & Liceo Artistico Petrocchi

Nov 5-24, 2014

Student Curators: Mary Madeleine De Regnauld de Belleseize, Jennifer Kelly Hoskins, Haley Markham, Sadie Sullivan

Faculty Coordinator: Gianni Rossiello


About the Exhibition
This event is the first of a two-part collaboration between students from an local arts high school in Pistoia (Liceo Artistico Petrocchi) and Florence University of the Arts. The exhibition is part game, part serious reflection on feelings, emotions, inventions, and the different interpretations given and produced in both the environment surrounding us and the one we create around us.

What color do you see? What color is that color?
What does that color make you think? Do you like this color?

See the catalog here and visit this article to find out more about Walks, the second FUA-Petrocchi exhibition that was hosted at the Ganzo gallery.