OMNIA – Adelina Antal, Anna Saint Ange, Sebastian Hobbs

Sadness will last forever, Adelina Antal, F_AIR lecture room
He’s the best tenant I’ve ever had, Anna Saint Ange, F_AIR gallery
Ero, Sebastian Hobbs, glass cube
Apr. 15 – 19, 2013
curated by Lucia Giardino and Enrica Quaranta
Opening all venues, Monday April 15 at 6.00 PM

The two year course of study completed by Adelina Antal, Anna Saint Ange and Sebastian Hobbs, photography students of the DIVA Digital imaging and Visual Art school of Florence University of the Arts, concludes with a showcase of their work in an exhibition reflecting the universal theme of destiny, both concerning men and all living creatures.

Omnia is a risky exhibition, as it requires the young photographers to tackle difficult topics utilizing a perspective and philosophy that most don’t possess until a later, more mature stage in life relatively early in their careers, at a time when the themes may appear too serious and complex to delve into with true interest.

Omnia is an exhibition about death, life and what comes after. Its three protagonists, Adelina Antal, Anna Saint Ange and Sebastian Hobbs, investigate those themes by putting forth an uncommon amount of effort since existence is not an easy matter to treat, and it simultaneously a singular and three-sided topic.

In the short time of a semester, the young photographers found themselves dealing with material that would typically require more than one lifetime to understand and comprehend. The journey challenged the photographer’s language and style, in part already acquired, and forced the students to reexamine the logic of the exhibition, which requires consistency, and to listen to the reasons of the spaces, which require dialogue. They took risks, encouraged by advisors who were convinced that one can only grow to exceed the comforting limits of security by facing challenges.

The exhibition will take place in three areas of the FUA’s School of Fine Arts: the lecture room of F_AIR (showcasing Adelina Antal’s work which focuses on death), the F_AIR gallery (showcasing Anna Saint Ange, who depicts the seven deadly sins, which for her are synonymous with terrestrial life) and the glass cube/laboratory located inside the FUA, School of Fine Arts courtyard (showcasing Sebastian Hobbs who, in his investigation on reincarnation inspired by the Orient, transforms young figures into sensual animals).


Adelina Antal

Anna Saint Ange