Permanent Exhibitions

Inner Cosmos
By Nicoletta Salomon

Corso Tintori’s scenic building has served often as a location for international artists, thanks to the unique mix of contemporary details transposed to the historic environment of Palazzo Bombicci Pontelli Guicciardini Strozzi. FUA is proud to host Nicoletta Salomon’s works on a permanent basis. The acquisition of Salomon’s paintings follows the November 2014 opening of the exhibition Inner Cosmos in occasion of the FUA and SUNY Stony Brook-hosted Genius Loci academic conference, where Salomon introduced the concept of inhabiting inner worlds and movements through her work.

For updated visiting times please consult the opening hours of the FUA Main Campus in Palazzo Bombicci Pontelli Guicciardini Strozzi.


Artist’s Statement
To speculate, meaning to observe in depth in order to see (Lat. specio, specto), provides the original connection between the activities of scientists, philosophers, and artists engaged in observing the world that they inhabit. As a painter, the cosmos I speculate is the inner cosmos, which I find inhabited by different planets: the planet of emotions, the planet of feelings, and the planet of thoughts. The planets attract and repel each other in an infinite series of forces and movements, and they seek harmony: a kosmos, the Greek term for “order.” A cosmos, however, that does not endure in stability. I seek to speculate about these planets by tuning my painter’s eye to their mutual movements: I perceive their bodily shapes, breathe in their colors, measure their relationships, imitate their shifting journeys through my brushstrokes. My canvases change layer after layer, they follow the changes of the inner cosmos in a process that can go on for years, space and time are melded together on the same profound surface. At times I strike upon a certain chord and movement transforms into dance. My work captures the dance of the inner planets as they forge a cosmos, intended as an orderly aesthetic realm that seeks to be the mimesis of a lost heavenly order: an inner cosmos worth being inhabited. – Nicoletta Salomon

Artist Bio
Nicoletta Salomon has a complex profile of painter, writer, and scholar in Aesthetics and Classics. She teaches courses in Art and Creative writing at FUA, Florence. She has written essays on the ancient world and on aesthetic philosophy, among which: La zattera di mimesis: i greci, la creazione, l’arte, Venice, Marsilio 2001, Premio Castiglioncello – Costa degli Etruschi 2002; Venezia inabissata: un fantasaggio, Milan, Mimesis, 2007, French translation Paris, Fayard – Mille et une nuits, 2008. She is a translator of Hermann Hesse, Paul Ricoeur, and Roger Fry. With her novel Questa non è una storia d’amore Salomon was a finalist in the 2005 Premio Calvino; in 2007 she published Storie di latte, Florence, D&D; and in 2012 Non chiedermi niente, Cagliari, Aisara. She studied drawing and painting at the Zeicheninstitut of the University of Tübingen with Frido Hohberger. At present, she collaborates as an artist with the Immaginaria arti visive Gallery (Florence-Berlin). Her works are represented in numerous private collections. She lives and works in Florence.

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