THE LIGHT SIDE by Gloria Pizzilli

October 3 – November 7, 2018

Student Curators: Gallery Exhibition and Curating EL Students

Faculty Coordinator: Andrea Mancini


About the Exhibition:

The Light Side represents “the power” of Gloria Pizzilli. Her artwork on commission will be on display at GANZO from October 3 rd to November 7 th . There will be, predominantly, digital media pieces created for publishing.
These high-quality prints, illustrated for storybooks, international magazines, cultural and artistic events as well as limited edition prints contain calligraphic and expressive symbols that convey her experience, powerful technique, and esthetic sensibility. The artist is strongly inspired by Japanese symbolism and iconography.
Gloria Pizzilli has participated in live painting events and international exhibitions. She was given The Award of Excellence in CommunicationArts in 2014 and 2015, the Merit Award, and was chosen for the “Illustratori Italiani Annual.” Some of her clients include The New Yorker, The New York Times, Wired Italia, GQ USA, La Stampa, La Feltrinelli, Mondadori,
and Teatro alla Scala.
All aspects of modern image culture have inspired Gloria through her pen, whether it be analog or digital, in her storytelling: from Manga to Egon Schiele’s diaphanous figures and from Utamaro to Pop Art. The better part of what Gloria Pizzilli’s generation has kept and translated into symbols after the disintegration and hybridization of art ideologies are
the founding myths in her perceptual universe.

See the catalog here.