HEALTH AND WELLNESS – Final Fine Arts Student Exhibition

HEALTH AND WELLNESS – Final Fine Arts Student Exhibition  

May 2 – 29, 2018

Student Curators: Gallery Exhibition and Curating EL Students

Faculty Coordinator: Gianni Rossiello


About the Exhibition:

The Florence University of the Arts student exhibition “Health & Wellness”, that will take place at Ganzo from May 2 to May 29, 2018 focuses on the combination of tradition and wellness. Eating healthily, art therapy, local food and wine, nature and contemplations of daily life turn out to be the center of attention nowadays. These concepts have acquired relevance in the lifestyles of many people and are the concepts that define the artwork of the students: paintings, sculptures and drawings.

Understanding tradition as something that is not static, but as something that connects the past to the present and allows the new generations to build an innovative future, is the lens through which this compilation arises.

The topic of the tradition has become essential for innovation and a way of remembering  the values that will shape the future, creating new experiences and stimulating the creativity of groups of people. This new and exciting way of living, eating, and traveling that has emerged has become a way of preserving traditional cultures and natural resources, whilst at the same time stimulates local entrepreneurship and allows communities to share their customs and traditions with each other, bringing about the possibility of creating new art expressions together.

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