Where Have All the Flowers Gone – FINAL STUDENT EXHIBITION


December 6 – February 27, 2018

Student Curators: Gallery Exhibition and Curating EL Students

Faculty Coordinator: Gianni Rossiello

About the Exhibition:

The exhibition here today features the works of the arts students at Florence University of the Arts. This semester the students have focused on the global unrest and counterculture movements of the late 1960’s, reflecting on the 1960s revolution. Across the world ideologies clashed and positions on political and social issues were numerous, varied, and conflicting. It was this dissonance that initiated some of the most important historic movements of the past century. America introduced the first Boeing 747, orbited the
moon, and began a civil rights movement backed by reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Anti-war and civil rights protests occurred across the United States and Europe. This included revolts at UC berkeley, the Prague Spring, the events of May 1968, and the clashes at Valle Giulia in Rome.
These years became a time of decisive transformation in the Western world. Among these
“Revolutionaries” there was a general consensus of appreciation for new experiences and forms of expression. An interest in the unfamiliar cultures of others was sparked and students began to studying literature, religion, philosophy, culinary traditions, music and art as a whole from all over the world. A desire for freedom was expressed through the rejection of social conventions and traditional institutions.
It was this movement that led the 70s to be a decade of freedom and transgression in music, fashion, art, and culture in general.

Now, 50 years later, this exhibition of student artwork provides a critical, in-depth reflection on those years from the viewpoint of individuals who are currently in the same stages of life as those “Revolutionaries” who transformed the Western world.

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