WAITING – Luigi Tamanini

WAITING by Luigi Tamanini

March 1 – April 4, 2017

Student Curators: Gallery Exhibition and Curating EL Students


Faculty Coordinator: Gianni Rossiello


About the Exhibition:

The exhibition at Ganzo will display a collection of some of Tamanini’s most recent works. These include portraits, diptychs and triptychs, amongst other innovative and conceptual creations in various mediums and sizes. This is an opportunity to see works that demonstrate yet another era in the contemporary style of Luigi Tamanini, an episode in the greater narrative of his immense artistic talent.

After switching careers from architecture to painting, Tamanini was an apprentice for visionary Italian artists from the early to mid 1900’s such as Joka Frima and Nerina Simi. Upon finishing his education in the arts and an exhibition displaying his exceptional abilities in traditional realism painting, Tamanini says that he asked himself, “Do I want to remain in classical painting? Or do I want to develop something new?” And so Tamanini transitioned towards a stunning contemporary style that is just as bold as it is beautiful. His works are distinctive as gestural portraits and thematic scenes that comment on relationships, sexuality, demons, and all aspects of humanity in between. Bold colors, fresh motifs, and staggering figures are only some of the components that characterize Tamanini’s dynamic artistic style.

Tamanini has also been featured in many previous exhibitions. These include shows in Crotone, Fiesole, Pistoia, Prato, Milano, and Trento. In addition, he is recognized in a painter’s associations (Del Paiolo) and has received prizes for his artwork, such as Fiorino d’oro).

When asked what inspires him to paint or where he finds the faces in his works, Tamanini stated, “There is not a gender I love to paint, I love painting. There is no narrative, I want to create the moment that something happens. I love what is beautiful.”

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