THE TRAVELER’S LENS – Andrea Firetto

THE TRAVELER’S LENS – Andrea Firetto

July 12 – October 3, 2017

Student Curators:

FUA Gallery and Exhibition Curating Student

Gallery and Exhibition Curating EL Students

Faculty Coordinator: Gianni Rossiello

About the Exhibition:

Andrea Firetto’s latest collection of works is of photos taken during his travels to Tibet, Nepal, Peru, and Bolivia. Despite the differences in location and culture, Andrea was able to capture similarities thanks to his focus on nature and the native people.

When deciding what to shoot, he takes into consideration two factors: his emotions together with the candid nature of the moment. The connection that he creates with his subjects greatly affects the final product of his photography. His aesthetic awareness and eye for composition play off one another well, evident throughout his collection.
The exhibit will showcase thirty images selected from his travel portfolio. The chosen photographs are a mixture of nature and people. All equally contribute to the transformation of a place retold through the lens of Firetto’s vision.

Firetto is interested in capturing culture in his images, although he admittedly understands that there will always be something missing, something impossible to capture. Therefore, this exhibition aims at creating an atmosphere that in some way summarizes his experience abroad.

All the images are oriented horizontally in order to showcase depth and width. This landscape orientation allows viewers to observe a wider range of events. Moreover, all of the images chosen are in color so that the viewers can be immersed completely in the culture.

The chosen palette capitalizes on the blue and white, with accents of green and red that tie the entirety of photos from different countries together. These colors allow us to see the multiple layers and the cessation of movement in the individual photographs.

The technique that Andrea Firetto employs cannot be pinpointed precisely, as he needs to be flexible to his surroundings. This said, he allows the culture of a country to influence his desire to capture something. He tries his best to take the most candid photos possible because he believes that this is the best way to bring out cultural authenticity.

This is evident throughout the selection of photographs exhibited.

The ultimate objective of this exhibit is to allow viewers to witness various cultures through Firetto’s images: to see what captured the photographer’s attention, and to attempt to understand why it did.

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