PUNK RENAISSANCE – Lorenzo Bonamassa

PUNK RENAISSANCE – Lorenzo Bonamassa

October 4 – November 7

Student Curators:

FUA Gallery and Exhibition Curating Student

Gallery and Exhibition Curating EL Students

Faculty Coordinator: Gianni Rossiello

About the Exhibition:

Lorenzo Bonamassa’s most recent work is a collection of multi-media paintings deeply connected to his experience working as a psychiatrist.

His work reflects the problems existing in the person, as well as the problems that are evident in our society; as these problems are constantly changing and evolving, so is

Bonamassa’s art. The exhibit will showcase twentyfive paintings of combined media from his portfolio.

In these works he has manipulated the canvases in new and interesting ways, conjoining

some and creating holes and pockets in others. Additionally, he has added outside materials such as cardboard, radios, walkies talkies, and even garbage.

Through his creative experimentation with materials Bonamassa’s paintings command attention. However, the viewer is always connected back to reality through the use of the human figure, avoiding abstraction.

Critics have defined Bonamassa’s style as punk-expressionist due to his provocative artistic response to the issues which are presented to him every day within his profession. More specifically, he confronts two main issues through his artwork: the emptiness of his generation and a lack of presence in life. Bonamassa says that he is most interested in the theme of emptiness: the emptiness of social life and the void between people created by new technologies in addition to the ever-growing presence of social networking. He says these events have created distance and a lack of understanding. Bonamassa has confronted these issues by creating works which parallel this irony by integrating technology into his canvases.

Moreover, Bonamassa’s background in the medical field and professional work as a psychiatrist is always present in his artwork. Medicines of the past would not be used to solve the issues of today. Likewise art should be able to parallel the advancements of a society and confront new issues. Bonamassa is at odds with artwork of the Renaissance. Working with the human figure it is necessary for him to reference figurative artists of the Renaissance, however, the art of Florence has become stuck in that style and period. The heritage is very much much for today’s artists to compete with, and when visitors come to the city these artists are stuck in the shadow cast by the Renaissance. Ideally, it is Bonamassa’s goal to see people mentally combine the past and the present and renovate art. Through research and experimentation new solutions can be found in art.

To view his work, the exhibit will be featured at Ganzo, the creative learning lab of Apicius International School of Hospitality. It is a nurturing place that hosts special events that promote integration in Florence, encouraging and facilitating the communication between students and the general public.

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