SOBRE EL TANGO by Antonio Desantis

SOBRE EL TANGO by Antonio Desantis

April 5 – May 2, 2017

Firenze, Italy –April 5, 2017 – Florence University of the Arts and Ganzo are ecstatic to introduce to the public Antonio Desantis’, Sobre el Tango, a unique exhibition recounting the personal and professional chronology of the photographers relationship to this ritualistic and intense dance form. Desantis’ gestural works not only display the sacred customs held paramount to the dance, but also his own artistic relationship and development of photography through his passion for the tango.

The exhibited compilation of photographs give a summary of Desantis’ transformation as an artist while showing the fluidity and conventional elements of this historical dance. Arranged specifically in a sequential order, the exhibition explains the tango through Desantis’ personal experiences- what/whom made him fall in love with the dance, the ritualistic as well as technical elements to it, and lastly the intensely emotional movements to which he chose to capture. Through what he recalls as, “instinct reflecting his emotion and knowledge of the movements,” we see the harmonious dialogue created in the tango; a dance marked by its placed importance on aesthetic presentation, gestural connection, and intense intimacy.

Born in Southern Italy, Desantis’ love of dance began long before his work in photography. It wasn’t until moving to Tuscany that he discovered his infatuation with the rhythmic movements of the tango. Upon his first introduction to the style, Desantis describes his initial sentiment to the historically Latin-American dance as, “It looks like I’m at home here.” The true transformation began when camera met tango- as his artistic style flourished into a way of intrinsically expressing himself. This has led him to be a heavily sought after dance photographer and being asked by dancers and competitions from all over the world to photograph the art of dancing.

This unique exhibition is not only informative but highly personal, as viewers are enlightened by Antonio Desantis skillful accomplishments in both photography and the tango. His proficiency in capturing the emotionally fleeting moment experienced in all levels of the dance transcends the basic perceptual knowledge of photography to display the more meaningful experience felt by Latin-American and Tuscan tango enthusiasts.

Student Curators: Gallery Exhibition and Curating EL Students


Faculty Coordinator: Gianni Rossiello


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