Stream of Consciousness – Juri Corti

Stream of Consciousness
By Juri Corti

October 5 – November 8, 2016

Student Curators: Reid Duncan, Anna Huger, Caroline Koger, Wesley Jefferies

Faculty Coordinator: Gianni Rossiello



About the Exhibition:

“Stream of Consciousness” is the new exhibition at Ganzo that shows 29 paintings on packaging paper by Juri Corti, a selection of a series he began around 2009 and is continually working on.

The paintings that were selected for Ganzo, all seem to revolve around a motive of stream of consciousness rather than well thought out meticulous work. He calls these paintings “speed paintings” since he said each one took him around ten minutes to do. Along with these being quickly rendered paintings he speaks about the importance of these paintings being interacted with and by people and natural elements of everyday life, whether that means to be touched, folded or even rained on.

The series is comprised of a profound number of works and all have strong symbolic meaning to either his personal life or events that have happened in his everyday life. For example a reoccurring motif in many of these paintings is his girlfriend and his two daughters, along with many other paintings of women. He speaks strongly about his affinity to and for woman since he is surrounded by three women at home. While these works have no consistent theme, his concept of quickly painting an idea or image and then allowing people to interact with the painting and ultimately change the painting in some way, remains an important and metaphorical concept that should not be looked over.

Artist Bio:
Juri Corti is a Florentine artist that currently lives in Rome, with a girlfriend and two daughters. Along with being a contemporary artist, he is an actor, an illustrator, a scenographer and with his group called Baby Color Foods, he organized theater performances/installations for children where music, painting and words are mixed together. Read more about Juri here.

See the catalog here.