Intimacy – Enrico Berni

By Enrico Berni

June 8 – July 19, 2016

Student Curators: Jamie Reschke, Brooke Allen

Faculty Coordinator: Gianni Rossielloenrico-berni-intimacy-ganzo

About the Exhibition:
Enrico Berni’s latest work is titled “INTIMACY.” It is made up of a series of shots speaking about what his life is like at the moment: a writing, a story, a small novel in which different feelings naturally coexist, from curiosity to fear, and enchantment to sublime. What Enrico exposes to our feelings is so close to our subconscious, so direct and understandable that can reach anyone with disarming simplicity and immediacy. The photographs by Enrico Berni essentially serve two things: they capture the look, the expression, the force that leads to the creation of the image. And on the other, they help us re-discover, so as to understand who we are a little more.

Artist Bio:
Enrico Berni is a 38-year-old Florentine native who discovered his passion for photography only four years ago. Within those four years he has received two awards, a second place award at the Moscow International Foto Awards along with a second place award at the International Centre of Photography Awards in New York. He is a self-taught photographer who has learned from Antoine D’Agata, Michael Ackerman, and Jacob Aue Sobol. Every photo in the series tells a story, “I don’t want to close the picture, I want viewers to find something about themselves inside every picture,” Berni said. He stressed the metaphorical importance of being in each photograph. Each photograph is a self portrait that is filled with obsession,ecstasy,andpain.It’simportantthatBerniknowseach subject and that he is in contact with every person he photographs. Before he photographs a stranger, he takes the time to know them. He is a hunter of feelings, people, and places. All of which are meaningful to him. Through the connection of his figures and places on the opposite side of the lense, Berni enters his photos. His camera takes a shot of a moment, naturally, without any thought. After capturing his photos, Berni works in strong, black and white contrast to invoke emotions. His pictures are filled with blurry, unclear images that leave interpretation up to the viewer. Berni is now expanding into videography. He said he hopes to create two photography books and make photography the center of his life.

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