The Color and the Woman – Paolo Lantieri

The Color and the Woman
By Paolo Lantieri

July 8 – mid-September, 2015 (closing date TBA)

Student Curators: Brianna Hoefer, Lauren Cansino, Emily Deahl, Stephanie Scoggins

Faculty Coordinator: Gianni Rossiello


About the Exhibition:
Lantieri speaks of Italy and its skies, colors, villages, a thousand women, and more. The women in the paintings are generous and sensual, natural and innocent, alone or in company with a cat, a flower, a violin: Lantieri’s approach is a cultured one, which references Picasso, touches of Guttuso, and a pinch of De Lempicka. His women, who are at once muses and actresses, enjoy and attract us, they speak to us and amuse us in a way that we have yet to fully understand. Thus our eyes are amazed upon discovering the wonderful and complicated universe contained in Lantieri’s paintings!

Artist Bio:
Paolo Lantieri was born in Messina (Sicily, Italy) and studied at Brera, in Milan. He lives in Florence where he attended Primo Conti’s Academy of Fine Arts and obtained his university degree in Architecture. Since the 60s he participated in art fairs in Bari, Palermo, Milan, Florence, Vicenza, Padua, New York, and Gent. In 1998 he was awarded the Gold Medal at the 3rd Salon des Arts en Méditerranée in Bastia, Corsica, and was invited to Florence to attend “Firenze oggi – arte in galleria,” “Novecento – i temi della tradizione figurativa,” and the XIV “Premio Firenze.” He was also invited to New York (USA) and Gent (Belgium) for the “International Art Fair 20th Century” as well as the International Prize in Cremona, Italy.

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