NON PLACES – Claudia Simonelli

1Non Places
By Claudia Simonelli

April 15 – May 12, 2015

Student Curators: Michaela Bubier, Julia Ennis, Emily Junker,
Jaqueline Krigbaum, Alyssa Severe

Faculty Coordinator: Gianni Rossiello


About the Exhibition:
The photographic project “NON PLACES” offers a series of images extracted from the surrounding reality, according to a process of subjective and suggestive re-elaboration of perceptive and interpretive categories. The unique quality of these documentary photographs emerges in the ambiguity of the forms, places, and landscapes, which identify the images in utopian “non-places.”

Artist Bio:
The amount of pencils, markers, scissors and glue that I used since I was a child was an early expression of my interest in the vast field of art in which I grew up and developed while attending the arts high school in Lucca. In this town where I was born (April 11, 1994), I started my first artistic experiences such as working in the field of graphic and web design in 2012 and creating an art installation, “Panta Rei,” on the relationship between time and today’s youth, visible in the garden of the Cantiere Giovani in Via del Brennero. I continued my training by studying product and communication design at ISIA in Florence, which helped me to find my path. One course in particular provided a good starting point to create the photography book I NON LUOGHI (Non-places) on the theme of perceptual and interpretive categories, based on the impossibility of grasping reality. It is through reflection and by reproducing photos I’ve taken around the world that I’ve arrived at creating my non-places.The images of the non-places have an ambiguous quality where reality becomes abstract, the tangible becomes intangible. These are the places where every one of us, when using our own imagination, can see something completely personal and intimate. – Claudia Simonelli

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