DOWNWARDS – Giorgio Pagnini

By Giorgio Pagnini

March 18 – April 14, 2015

Student Curators: Michaela Bubier, Julia Ennis, Emily Junker, Jaqueline Krigbaum, Alyssa Severe

Faculty Coordinator: Gianni Rossiello


About the Exhibition
The artist, Giorgio Pagnini, is an Italian photographer born in Oristano, currently living and working in the outskirts of Florence. Pagnini began by studying architecture, which is where he believes his interest in photography established. In 2003, he began to take pictures and recognized photography as a passion through which he could do something meaningful with his life. Pagnini grew up and spent his childhood in a very small town in Italy. He believes this different way of life and sense of community are what inspired his series “DOWNWARDS.” He has also been greatly moved by the Norwegian architect, author, and philosopher, Christian Norberg-Schulz, who wrote the book, “Genius Loci, Towards a Phenomenology of Architecture.” Pagnini’s exhibition concentrates on the concept of “Genius Loci,” which highlights seemingly insignificant details of a particular location that only the people of these places could be able to recognize. Each of the photographs in the exhibition reveal a small facet found in an area that one might not recognize at a first glance. He captures an array of features from cracks in the floor of his own home to a small cube on the ground near a beach cabana. The artist spends much of his time traveling the world and connecting with the people of the given area. Pagnini believes in the significance of focusing on the small, almost unnoticeable details that have a relationship with the people who unconsciously perceive them everyday. He says these details are what make up the very essence of a place. Pagnini thinks the physical side of life is important, despite his own job being intellectual: He explains “Life is water, life is sun”.

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