Ariadne’s Thread – Andrea Simoncini

Ariadne’s Thread
By Andrea Simoncini

October 14 – November 10, 2015

Student Curators: Giovanna Franciosa, Meaghan White, Sydnie Kroneberger, Brianna Tepper

Faculty Coordinator: Gianni Rossiello


About the Exhibition:
Simoncini is able to combine an investigation of reality with the introverted and metaphysical dream, and the tenderness of memory, though these ideas are hidden behind playful and ironic signs. Each of his works are indeed tinged with irony, more or less pronounced, which accompany the production of his surrealist art. His works portray reality, though his brush is often tinged by poetic nuance. Dry, apparently disillusioned, and very sensitive, he draws a constant veil of intimacy, which remains his main figure, giving new life through memory to environments in which reality is to appear much more raw.
It is as if the artist arranges and tries to tell a story with a happy ending, which the intimate matrix goes well with the surreal, making all possible beyond and above reality. This comprehensive retrospective leaves much to rise, by the will of the artist, in this interesting strand of his inexhaustible smiling creativity and testifies to the great passion he has for his work. This passion led him to make large amounts of paintings, each drawing inspiration from history and from the innermost depths of the unconscious.

Artist Bio:
Andrea Simoncini was born in Florence in 1950 and has lived in Florence all of his life. After high school, Simoncini went to the study painting with Mario D’Elia, a surrealist painter. Although he began his career in fashion export, Simoncini has always had a passion for art. His time in the fashion industry allowed him the opportunity to travel and further develop his interests in art and history. He began his solo career as an artist in the 1970s.
He has exhibited his work in various group show and individual shows around Tuscany and other parts of Italy. His work has won several awards and is on permanent display in the Gallery of Florence. To this day, Andrea is exhibiting his work all around Europe including his hometown, Florence. For more information about Andrea Simoncini please visit his website or contact him via email.

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