LA GUGLIA – Jacopo Santini

La Guglia
By Jacopo Santini

Oct 15 – Nov 3, 2014

Student Curators: Mary Madeleine De Regnauld de Bellescize, Jennifer Kelly Hoskins, Haley Markham, Sadie Sullivan

Faculty Coordinator: Gianni Rossiello


About the Exhibition
Born and raised in Florence, Tuscany, Jacopo Santini began taking photos at the age of 23 years old before completing a degree in Law at the University of Florence. Since the beginning he has deeply felt the influence of some of the protagonists of the great tradition of reportage, above all Josef Koudelka and Robert Frank. One of the reasons why Santini loves photography is that in a society dominated by images, to photograph means to have a real contact with the real world. Photographing is bearing witness of what we see, somehow listening with the eyes.
Like much of Santini’s previous work, this exhibition centers on the history behind the district of La Guglia in Livorno and its survival overtime. La Guglia (its real place name being Porta Garibaldi) is a small district of Livorno. Built in between 1933 and 1943, La Guglia represents a fully realised example of the rationalist style typical of fascist architecture. While wandering the streets, during the summer of 2012, when he first started thinking about a project on this area of Livorno Santini said the town looked as if it came out of a De Chirico painting. The emptiness of the neighbourhood enhanced the raw structure and essential architecture of the district and gave the space a metaphysical look.

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