Silent Dialogs – Viktoria Sorochinsky

Silent Dialogs
Viktoria Sorochinsky
Artist in Residence at F_AIR – may – august 2013
curated by Enrica Quaranta

25 July – 20 September, 2013
opening on July 25th 2013, h. 6.30 PM

Silent Dialogs is my most recent ongoing project. In it, I portray people in moments of psychological encounter with themselves, and with those who are close to them. During these moments of self-reflection and internal dialog, a certain truth about the relationship is revealed. All the subjects are real people in real relationships, but the scenes are moderately orchestrated in order to bring out the essence of their particular bond. My work process is very intuitive and my aim as an artist is to create the conditions that will allow these moments of revelation to occur in front of my camera. To that end, all the photographs are shot in the subject’s intimate environment”.

We are living a phase of modernity in which relationships are being substituted by virtual connections and suffocated by excessive and rapidly occurring socio-cultural changes. Life models increasingly resemble serially produced and standardized robots immersed in a daily routine measured by media-perpetuated violence. The man of today’s “liquid modernity” as defined by the philosopher Bauman, is disoriented by the myriad of messages that “attack” every day. Gone is the trust, the compassion, the pity; we witness a confused and dazed vortex in which men and women are immersed and caught between an external void and internal emptiness. In daily repetition, personal relationships tend to dissipate, disintegrate, and lose the essence of a profound, true bond. What’s missing is the need to rediscover that silent dialog, that invisible yet existent and real space that we call intimacy.

The photographed subjects, often portrayed with lost gazes, remind us of that ineffable, liquid bond between man and the things of the world exposed to daily dominance of alienation.At the same time, these things are projected in a real and imaginative time suspension. The use and the choice of the photographic medium allow the artist to turn the imagined dimension into a concrete vision. The vision is codified by the artist with a universal language that invites the spectator to visualize the “moments of self-reflection,” as the artist herself defines them.The natural appearance of the gestures, objects, and protagonists’ poses, the entire scene is artfully directed by Viktoria who reveals herself an attentive observer capable of unveiling a “psychological encounter.”

Author Silvia Tagliaferri defined photographers as “thieves of images, light in their robbery of the soul of subjects.” Viktoria, with complete ease, takes possession of the conditions and the states of being of her subject by way of construction and not leaving anything to chance. What emerges in that intimate space is possible and imaginary relations, perfect, and enchanted. A space in which the folly of normality is exorcised through uncanny and marvelously disturbing atmospheres.