The Floor Show – Ascari, Kinkaleri, Lancuba, Pezzatini, Ragionieri

curated by Lucia Giardino

February 28 – April 13, 2012

Floor show is the British English equivalent to “variety show”. The name refers to the absence of a stage and to the performer, who moves freely around the tables and the people sitting on the floor – canceling the distance between himself and the audience. The literal and physical absence of a support able to raise, and thus space out, the performer from the audience makes the communication between the two sides become direct and horizontal. A sort of democracy between the two parties comes into play, so that the art maker and the art receiver move on a common ground. The floor show is not usually elevated, and that is the main point: the art is not for the few, but for everyone, and, most important, it is not vertically oriented anymore. During a floor show, art is not displayed on a pedestal nor hung on a wall, but instead is stumbled upon on the ground.  Via San Gallo 45 Red, the present address of F_AIR – Florence in Residence, was in 1970’s a theatre. It was not pretentious, but for those who remember it, the acoustic was poor. It was a variety show, without a stage, and the atmosphere was very informal. This exhibition is born to homage F_AIR and to its brief destination to accommodate comedians. It is not an exhibition on comedy, but an exhibition on “ground level”, characteristic of certain art. The Floor Show can start a reflection on verticality and on the meaning of an art without a pedestal, which are fundamental principles for the arts. The Floor Show could also be understood for exactly for what it puts on stage: works on the floor level or born from a thought concerning the ground.

The artists in the exhibition, Emanuela Ascari, Kinkaleri, Michele Lancuba, Lorenzo Pezzatini, Alessandra Ragionieri, meet the ground in different ways: in a playful manner, for study reason, for anthropological research, or by chance. Even when the works are not directly on the floor, the idea of the floor is present to determine the nature of the work.

Follow this link to the e-catalogue.

Emanuela Ascari (Sassuolo, 1977) received an undergraduate degree in visual arts from the University of Bologna and a Masters Degree Extraordinary Landscapes from the Politecnico of Milan and the Academy of Fine Arts in Santa Giulia in Brescia. She investigates territories making projects that are site-specific. She re-invents each location through actions, environmental landscapes, relational processes and public art interventions. She has recently exhibited in: Habitat, Museo del Patrimonio Industriale, Bologna; Materia Primaria, Area Progetto Off, Galleria Civica, Biblioteca Civica Delfini, Modena; Un altro mondo è ancora possibile?, Sala della Dogana, Genova; Cuore di Pietra, Pianoro (BO); Premio Artivisive San Fedele, Galleria San Fedele, Milano; Cesare Viel, Sabrina Torelli, Emanuela Ascari, Casabianca, Zola Predosa (BO); Here we are. Il luogo è sempre specifico, PAC Ferrara; My favorite things, Galleria Contemporaneo, Mestre. Winner of the 2009  Iceberg Award, Public Art, Bologna.

Kinkaleri. Born in Florence, lives and works in Prato. Kinkaleri is a collective, which has its strength on the instability of its definition, and the impossibility to categorize its products and languages. They run Spazio K, an intense and frenetic studio, where ideas take form. The space works as a networking area, for artists, performers, and researchers in the field of the visual arts. In the years, the works of the Kinkaleri has taken different forms: theater, performances, installations, productions, video, sound installation, publications. In 2002 they received two prestigious awards: “Premio Lo Straniero. Scommesse per il Futuro Premio” and “Ubu Premio” for the piece <Otto>. Selected works and exhibitions since 2000: Mille, Dentro!, Le Murate, Florence (2011); WYWH – words you wanna host, performance, Short Formats, Festival Internazionale della Nuova Danza, X edition / Triennale of Milan (2010); Ascesa e Caduta (2010); I AM THAT AM I (2009 – 2010); WEST Video-stills!, Abitanti Ambienti, curated by Silvia Lucchesi, Galleria Il Ponte, Florence (2007); STADIUM/testolina, installazione, Fucina 4, Accademy of Fine Arts, Carrara (2007); Figaro, L’esperienza della Cina: Arte Contemporanea in movimento, Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea L. Pecci, Prato (2006); Doom Window + MLFYWND (mpeg-21-frame), video screening – SHORTS @ LABAN.IT – Laban Theatre, London, UK (2004).

Michele Lancuba aka Miki Semaskus (Salerno, 1972). Lives and works in Florence since 1990. DJ, producer, sound designer, radio-speaker, record collector & dealer. Co-founder and member of the audio-video collective Ogi:no Knauss since 1995, in the years he has worked and produced in a wide range of artistic expressions, radio and cinema, photography, graphic and live-media, showing in theaters, clubs, squats and cultural centers, organizing festival and reviews, holding workshops, collaborating in studio and on stage with several musicians, videomakers, performers and companies. His main activity as a music/sound designer develops from an on-going collection of half-processed sounds, voices, field recordings, a database of materials for compositional templates, to modify and recombine. Musical objects shaped by the relation between the environmental nature of sound and a musical attitude. Recent works include: Movin’ On – Dust Exchange Rmx, remix track for El Torpe, out soon on No-Mad Records (2012); Scrivere A Voce, sound installation (2011); Airport Re-Sound, sound workshop and compilation CD curated and realized for F.A.F., Florence (2010); Presente Perfetto, performance realised by Patafisic & Boboutic (2010); C/OdEX, electronica e sound research festival ideated and curated c/o EXfila, Florence (2008-2009).

Lorenzo Pezzatini (Florence, 1944). Receives his graduate art degree from the University of Massachusetts. In 1978 the Filo makes his first appearance. The Filo is “a kind of a generative cell from which his work originates and returns”. Since 1979, has shown in Italian, American and Yugoslavian venues. In these countries he has also taken part to special projects and artist-in-residence. In 1983 Lorenzo begins in Rome a long lasting project, at present still in progress in Florence, called Filografia Urbana (Urban Filography) and getting an institutional recognition in 1998 with the project Filo e Venti commissioned by the city of Prato and curated by the Museo of Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Filo. In 1993, he is commissioned to produce a sculpture for the town of Vagli (Lucca) and, in 1999, for the town of Pontassieve (Florence). His work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Yugoslavia, Italy, New York, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin. n 2002 the Filotape came to life and became the pedestrian counterpart of the Filografia Urbana invading the street of Florence. It has been used also in performances at Palazzo Strozzi and Palazzo Corsini and at Villa Vogel as a performance/installation piece under the title ON/OF/OFF.

Alessandra Ragionieri (Florence, 1960). Lives and work in Florence. Mixed media artist specialized in graphics and printmaking, Alessandra Ragionieri works with a wide range of techniques and materials. Since 1994 she has matured a reach curriculum with solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, in countries such as Austria, Ukraine Republic, Russia and U.S.A. Her work is on display in permanent collections of prestigious Italian museums in Cremona, Ravenna, Pisa, Milan, and at the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, Prints and Drawings Department. She has been granted for many awards, and won important prizes such as “Women artists –New proposal.” promoted by the Regione Toscana (2000). Ragionieri combines her career as an artist to a successful a successful activity as professor of studio arts at Florence University of the Arts. Latest exhibitions: Stanze d’artista, curated by Simona Perchiazzi, sixth day dedicated to Contemporary Art, Castro dei Volsci, Frosinone (2010); Despertar Conciencies, Centro Civic Casa Orlandai, Ajuntamento de Barcelona, Barcellona,Spain (2009); Viaggiatori permanenti, Museo Casa Rodolfo Siviero, Florence (2009); Memoria e espansione, Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia (2006); Il cielo dentro la stanza, Galleria Verifica 8+1, Mestre, Venice, Italy (2005) 


SERENA TRINCHERO, The Floor Show, “iOvo”, March 20th, 2012