Would You Marry Me? Nicolas Muller

Nov. 27th 2012 – February 16th 2013
curated by Lucia Giardino
critical text on catalog by Pietro Gaglianò

Nicolas Muller (Chatenay-Malabry, France 1981) relates to the space and context that surround him, and each site becomes a pre-text and a source of his experiences and works. He has drawn significantly from the history, art, places and experiences of the city of Florence, where he currently is located. He means to establish links with the pre-existences, articulating the relationship between art and life according to a register free from any academism, yet with constant attention to the form. Watchful and attentive Nicolas anticipates perceptions, which he leaves unhindered from any patterns. His tries are always directed to the creation of possible links between gestures and environment, to highlight those when they occur into thoughts, which diverts from the object and its image.
Would you marry me? is the confirmation rather than the request for a relationship: the project contains a desire to relate to the otherness – spaces, legacy, inter-objecting dynamics… – and with the present context. It becomes the means of sharing with the public, who, often disoriented by pronounced/evident tricks and games, becomes an active part of the experience. With the exhibition, Nicolas concludes his residency at F_AIR held from August to December 2012.