I Cento Sguardi – Corleone negli occhi dei suoi ragazzi

a project by Margherita Abbozzo and Alessandra Capodacqua

June 19th- July 10th, 2012

From June 19 to July 10, 2012, F_AIR Florence Artist in Residence in Florence will host the photography exhibition I Cento Sguardi, Corleone negli sguardi dei suoi ragazzi. [Corleone through the eyes of its children]. The project is the result of a noble project to raise awareness against the abuses and organized crime, specifically in the town of Corleone, Sicily. One hundred students of all ages were given a disposable camera and the objective to capture “from the inside” their hometown, a town that is a symbol of negativity due to its mafia history as well as positive forces of Italian society. The boys and girls of Corleone have thus become the protagonists of the necessary cultural change in the face of legality and they have also, through this project, have been recognized by the cooperative Lavoro e Non Solo.

It is thanks to cooperatives such as the aforementioned one, that cultural mentality and change can be renewed. The exhibition I Centro Sguardi perfectly fits into their mission, by offering young individuals the unique opportunity to reclaim their voice, presence, pride, and participation in places and situations where the mafia excludes all and any who do not bend to its rules.

The project was inspired by similar situations in New York, Brazil, and Kenya and is dedicated to the young generations of Corleone. It has been developed and coordinated by Margherita Abbozzo and Alessandra Capodacqua. It debuted at the Complesso di Sant’Agostino in Corleone, and will now be featured at F_AIR before continuing its journey throughout Italy thanks to the support of Unicoop Tirreno.

The exhibition offers no outside views neither rhetoric. Within the photos, it is the locals who speak out, those whose glances are intimately tied to the portrayed places. Those who until now have not had the chance to recount themselves in the first person.

“Bisognerebbe ricordare alla gente che cos’è la bellezza, aiutarla a riconoscerla, a difenderla. E’ importante la bellezza. Da quella scende giù tutto il resto. Se si insegnasse la bellezza alla gente, la si fornirebbe di un’arma contro la rassegnazione, la paura e l’omertà. È per questo che bisognerebbe educare la gente alla bellezza: perché in uomini e donne non si insinui più l’abitudine e la rassegnazione ma rimangano sempre vivi la curiosità e lo stupore.”
Peppino Impastato

In collaboration with: Comune di Corleone, Unicoop Tirreno, Fondazione Sistema Toscana – Mediateca Regionale, Fondazione Antonino Caponnetto, the Coordinamento Antimafia di Firenze and the Cooperativa Lavoro e Non Solo.

All photo gallery images are by Margherita Abbozzo