Fool’s Mate – Lukáš Machalický

May 4  – 19,  2012

Palazzi and FUA Florence University of the Arts present Fool’s Mate, the final exhibition project of Lukáš Machalický, resident at F_AIR- Florence Artist in Residence from January to May 2012.

In Fool’s Mate, the manipulation of the game and the impossibility to play when the rules are ineffective become a metaphor of the strategies of power, where references to politics stay on an abstract level and do not necessarily refer to the current political situation.

Fool’s Mate is the move of the checkmate with the least amount of moves. This move, though existing in the game of chess, happens rarely, since it automatically declares the winner and denies the existence of the game. The  artist’s project unfolds in an installation made by few highly significant and refined elements, conveying the theme of the exhibition. Pawns chasing themselves, bent chess boards, multiple pyramids of power, and geopolitical maps, are the impossible objects that intuitively deny the rules of the game and perpetrate the subtle violence of the arbitrary rules. The use of precious veneers and the minimal but functional aesthetics of the game boards consciously suggest the status symbols of high class, that often makes the rules and holds the power.

In the catalog, the exhibition will be introduced by a text by Alessandra Troncone.

Curated by Lucia Giardino