Do It Right When No One Is Looking – Kali Nikolou

July 12th – September 14th, 2012

Do It Right When No One Is Looking is Kali Nikolou’s final residency project at F_AIR – Florence Artist In Residence for summer 2012.

 It is a reflection on the state of the arts and its politics based on the stereotypical image Italy adopts either to represent itself. It relates to the artist’s observations in her practices of critical dérive in Florence. The exhibit will be changing every day depending on the degree of integration with the Fine Arts Department of Florence University of the Arts, where it will take place. Expectedly, it will bring about new considerations about the artist’s ontology, the role of institutions and administrations and how their choices affect art education in Italian schools. What happens in a country that boasts a high percentage of world artistic heritage when areas of historical interest are made inaccessible due to negligence, and to the interference of private interests above public good or lack of funding. The obvious result of the intellectual impoverishment of a country cannot bean excuse for the immobility of that very same country and the artist.

On the contrary, the title of the exhibit calls forth a sense of responsibility which concerns many contemporary artists but does not seem to concern those who make crucial decisions in the art field. Do It Right When No One Is Looking sounds in particular likea warning for the window-city Florence and for cultural facade occasions. With her exhibit Kalliope Nikolou suggests a subversive act as the only logical solution against the passivity and the conformity of the arts.

Curated by Lucia Giardino

Link to the pdf catalog.