Vanity F_AIR

January 13th – February 18th, 2011

Vanity F_AIR opens on January 13, simultaneously to Pitti Uomo, the most renowned fashion event in Florence. Vanity F_AIR is an art exhibition investigating the traditional concept of vanitas as faced by three contemporary artists from different countries and cultural backgrounds. By means of diverse languages, media and approaches, they reflect, either seriously or ironically, on vanity and human aspirations.

Hanging sculptures of unusual materials, photographs, installations, are on display. They all concur to comment on this theme that has for centuries intrigued artists and intellectuals alike, and, more recently, fashion designers. The topic of the Vanitas will be magistrally interpreted by Apicius, the International School of Hospitality in Florence.

A written note by fellow artists and art historians, paired as follow, will introduce each artist: Dario Bartolini, presented by Renato Ranaldi, Marco Mazzoni, presented by Mariantonia Rinaldi, Josephine Wister Faure, presented by Lucia Giardino.

curated by Lucia Giardino

Follow this link to the e-catalog

Follow this link to the RENATO RANALDI, Il cevello dell’asina, 2011