This-That Region

an exhibition by Christiana Caro

July 19 – Sept. 14, 2011

curated by Lucia Giardino

“Walking, looking, looking, talking, listening, touching, feeling, tasting, thinking, smelling (rose garden). I stop to smell the roses. The garden. Circumference. Smell, sight. I walk through the garden and am aware of myself doing this. I discover a secret path and it is something that is an official, and repeatable, discovery. It offers these experiences dependably, but only in small parts. The whole can never be revealed all at once. As it turns out, perspectival drawing is a farce. One that establishes man as the all-seeing center, presupposing that he can partake of the land in one viewing, standing still, in time. No, one must always go all the way through it.”

Life is not a walk across an open field. – Russian Proverb

F_AIR, Florence Artist In Residence, is the first artist in residence program in the historical center of Florence, and it is oriented towards artists able to move in different disciplines and media. F_AIR’s mission, working in partnership with FUA – Florence University of the Arts, envisions a strong commitment towards the city of Florence, the building of a network system, and international collaborations, and an intense exhibition activity of contemporary art. The residence is addressed to young Italian and international artits between 25 and 38 years old. It is meant to make the artist and the students enrolled at FUA grow artistically and professionally.

F_AIR and FUA are part of PALAZZI, Florence Association for International Education, a consortium of interdisciplinary academic institutions including sQuola (Center for Contemporary Italians Studies), Apicius (International School of Hospitality), FAST (School of Fashion Accessory Studies and Technology), DIVA (Digital Imaging Visual Arts) and IDEAS (Interior Design, Environmental Architecture and Sustainability).