The Summer Issue

Stefania Balestri, Christiana Caro, Raffaele Di Vaia, Fumitaka Kudo, Valerio Ricci

June 14 – July 12, 2011

The Summer Issue is brought into existence as the second edition of Vanity F_AIR, the event that opened F_AIR Florence Artist in Residence 2011. Once again, the intention is to have a dialogue with the city and Pitti Uomo, running simultaneously in Florence. The title of the exhibition scheduled for June 14 comes from the evident allusion to the famous magazine: The Summer Issue, in fact, echoes the nature of certain fashion magazines released in the hot season, that are concise with a small number of pages; they are like simulacra and symbols of vanitas, compared to the lustful vanity fairs of the winter issues. Only a few works are on show, but all are able to rouse deep thinking on the meaning of today’s individual and collective existence. The artists touch upon the classical theme of the vanitas, without never facing it directly. The moral intention is absent, as it should be, but the mournfulness of the subdued colors and the binary display of the single pieces, marks the tone of the exhibition. The theme of the double evokes the counter position of two identities, of the mirror, the trace of a passage. In the work by Fumitaka Kudo, the skeleton of the Fukushima atomic plant stays unharmed as a warning to the future generations; on the contrary in the photograph diptych by Christiana Caro (Jewish Cemetery, 2010), the trace of the single individual prevails over collective and nationalistic vanity. While Vortice (2010) by Stefania Balestri and Venere (2010) by Raffaele Di Vaia (2010-2011), can be read as a cultured update in contemporary terms to the classical vanitas, Valerio Ricci’s gasoline cans (Untitled 2010), inevitably recalls the myth of King Midas.

curated by Lucia Giardino

Critical texts: Lorenzo Bruni, Arianna De Falco, Lucia Giardino, Alessandra Troncone


SELECTED GROUP SHOWS since 2000: 2011 Yicca Prize, Factory Art Gallery, Berlin. 2010 Niente da vedere tutto da vivere. Tornare per partire, curated by L. Bruni; event parallel to the XIV Biennial of Sculpture, Marble Institute Pietro Tacca, Carrara. 2009 Invocare istanti, curated by L. Bruni, Dry Photo, Prato. 2007 De Soto esplora te stesso, curated by A. Scappini, D’A Arte Contemporanea, Empoli, IT. 2004 Interni, curated by P. Gaglian Casa Simonetti, Torre del Lago; Collettiva, curated by R. Tempestini, Studio Rossellini Pucci,Firenze; Un cuscino per sognare, curated by M. Paderni e R. Chiessi, Reggio Emilia, Novegro (MI), Monaco Germania. 2003 Verso la cittdel sole, curated by G. Cauteruccio e P. Gaglian Teatro Studio Scandicci, FI; Dedicati a Mario Luzi Palazzo Te, Mantova; Collettiva, curated by R. Tempestini Spazio Espositivo Castelnuovo Val di Cecina (PI). 2002 L’essenza dello sguardo, curated by A. Scappini, Villa Caruso Bellosguardo, Lastra a Signa, IT; Collettiva, curated by R. Tempestini, Spazio Espositivo Castelnuovo, Val di Cecina (PI). 2001 Ex Stazione Leopolda, Firenze; Itinerante Tokyo, multiple locations. — SELECTED SOLO SHOWS since 2000: 2007 Filo rosso, Kore Arte Contemporanea, Villa Shneiderff, Bagno a Ripoli, IT; Fabbrica Cucirelli, curated by Alessandra Scappini, Varese. 2006 – In quiete, curated by E. Clausen, Galleria Luxardo, Roma; Bad Girls, curated by M. Chini Officina, Firenze. 2005 – Qualcosa di familiare, curated by M. Chini, Dry Photo, Prato. 2003- Nautilus curated by L. Vecere, la Corte Firenze. 2002 Interno e Dumdum Bologna; La casa delle fate, curated by L. Bruni. 2001 – Studio Mugnaini, Firenze. 2000 – Condominio, curated by P. Castellucci, Immmaginaria, Firenze; In Studio, curated by M. Perosino, Mercurio, Viareggio


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SELECTED GROUP SHOWS since 20002009 Italian Artists New York, ISCP International Studio & Curatorial Program, New York; Avvertenze Artistiche, Mercati di Traiano, Museo dei Fori Imperiali, Roma; HOAST 2009 – Harlem Open Artists Studio Tour, New York. 2006 Conuscite, Castelbasso, curated by C. Materazzi, 2005 Luxury, Galleria Antonio Battaglia, Milano, curated by R. Gavarro. 2004 Roma Punto Uno, mostra itinerante, Ministero degli Affari Esteri, Roma, curated by M. Coccia e M. de Candia; Retentiva. Funzioni e disfunzioni della fotografia italiana attuale Venezia Immagine, Italian Pavillion, Venice Biennale, curated by R. Gavarro — SELECTED SOLO SHOWS 2011 Soul, curated by A. Troncone, MLAC, UniversitLa Sapienza, Roma; 2009 Io, curated by R. Bedarida e T. Meucci HSF – Harlem Studio Fellowship, New York. 2008 Monti Silvani, curated by S. Bordini Galleria AOCF58, Rome. 2006 Forme dellmmateriale, curated by M. de Candia, Studio Morbiducci, Roma. 2004 Domestica Nuove dinamiche nella dimensione del privato, curated by R. Gavarro, Soligo Art Project, Roma —AWARDS and RESIDENCIES: 2011 Mongin, Artist in Residence Program, Seoul; 2009 HSF Residency Program, Harlem Studio Fellowship, New York