Restano Tutto L’Anno

February 21 – March 18th, 2011

A solo show dedicated to Giuseppe Restano, whose paintings will be exhibited at intervals during the year 2011. From this long term relationship comes the title of the exhibition Restano Tutto l’Anno (Restano, a Year Long)

Restano is a versatile artist whom F_AIR is adopting for a whole year, with the conviction that by putting his works on display, the gallery is faithful to its commitment toward the education to contemporary art, expressed by either the most traditional means, or the most experimental practices. Giuseppe Restano demonstrates that the vexata quaestio on the role of painting in today’s art is just a matter of rhetoric, since to him, painting in oil is the only possible means of expression. During the year F_AIR will alternate curated group shows to Restano’s interludes, to give the public the chance to slow down the pace and appreciate forms, colors and paint strokes

Giuseppe Restano (Grottaglie, Taranto, 1970), works and lives in Florence, Italy. After the artistic training in his birth place, Giuseppe Restano moves to study at the Florence Accademy of Fine Arts. The education in the South of Italy, and in particular in his native place, notorious for the production of ceramics, has remained crucial for his present work, as it is evident in particular for the use of zenital light, for the care of the detail, and the still hand. Giuseppe as he As himself declares, Restano is primarely, though not only a painter, despite his innate versatility in the field of moulding and ceramics.

Curated by Lucia Giardino