How To Apply

How To Apply:
Application requirements are listed below. Please contact Florence University of the Arts to inquire if residency positions are being currently offered.
A commission of artists, curators, professors, and art professionals will select the recipient of the residency according to the following criteria:
a) Willingness and dedication to work in the challenging environment of an academic institution.
b) Creative quality, originality, project feasibility, and involvement in F_AIRs academic environment for the development of the proposed project.
c) Conformity to the criteria of eligibility listed below:
Fluency in the English language
Between 25 and 38 years old
Teaching experience
Knowledge of Italian culture, travel experiences in Italy, and a working knowledge of the Italian language
A portfolio consisting of:
At least 6 works/projects done in the last 3 years, accompanied by a detailed explanation for each
At least 3 years of traceable exhibitions
Submission of Work:
All portfolios must be turned in with a digital format, either downloadable from an FTP site or sent via email according to the following instructions:
Email to:
Title the Email accordingly: “p-folio +name of the artist +residency starting date”.
Ex. “p-folio + John Smith Rossi + May 2011”
For FTP sharing: Please specify the address of the file sharing website and login information in order to download the portfolio.
For Dropbox sharing: Please contact for information on how to submit your portfolio via Dropbox.
A detailed project summary of the work/s to be carried out Florence
The selected artist will teach at least one academic course from the departments of fine arts/visual arts (please refer to the FUA academic catalog) and provide a list of at least 5 courses that he/she would be able to each.
The proposal of further activities that would be beneficial to our students artistic growth and academic experience, this will be evaluated by the commission and the institutions academic coordinators.
What to include to in your application form:
Artists statement of commitment
Detailed resume
Recommendation letter of a qualified art professional (critic, curator, professor, etc)
Portfolio (digital) with record of:
        >At least 6 works/projects done in the last 3 years, accompanied by a detailed explanation for each
        >At least 3 years of traceable exhibitions
        >Publications (if available)
**In the case of cited performances and videos, a CD-R or DVD with clips and images must be provided.