Eric Mistretta

In residence from January 19th to May 11th, 2013

Our new resident here at F_AIR is a young Italian-American named Eric Mistretta. He is extremely excited to expose himself to a new environment and witness the impact that working in Florence will have on his art. In his works, Mistretta arranges various amenities of the everyday, ranging from torn stockings to wigs and birthday candles. These arrangements evoke the aftermath of a raucous party, where the protagonist is too young to suffer the effects of a hangover, and instead verifies the mess and asks “so what?”. Hopeful that he is too young to die, irony and humor are characteristic of his deliberate jumble and appealing compositions. For those who are familiar with the scene of (still) young Italian artists, it would not come as a total surprise to learn that in 2006, when he came for a study abroad in Florence, Eric studied with Robert Pettena, the Anglo-Florentine artist who created Smithson, an unexpected hybrid between a moped and a noisy spiraling exhaust pipe. Eric’s works mix and create a world of self-truth by utilizing text and expressive juxtapositions – from flashy and iridescent to gritty and dilapidated.  Brief narratives are told through deadpan punch-lines and paradoxical arrangements.

Look out for his upcoming show on April 30th 2013, on which he has already started working: it will be an overwhelming array of colors, allegories and wry hidden messages.