Juri Corti

by Anna Huger

Where are you from?

I was born in Florence in 1971, but currently I live in Rome with my family.

What materials do you use for your art?

Normally I use canvas, but on 2009 I started this work on large scale on “packaging paper,” with acrylic paint. Hundreds of sheets, painted very quickly. I put in 10 minutes for each, that’s why I used to call it “fast art.”

What is the inspiration behind the artwork?

I paint when I have a mental image of something or when I get an idea that remain in my head, after a long day of work. Consider that I mainly paint at night. There is no particular theme behind each piece and there is no connection between the various pieces. They are just streams of consciousness!

Why do you keep the artwork folded and why are there rips in it?

Because I do not particularly handle them with care. My artwork often gets ripped or damaged but I consider the minor fragments unique to the piece. I keeps my artwork folded up in a suitcase and stored away.

Are there themes in your work?

My work is broken into three parts: my family, random influences, and random objects/people I run into on a daily basis.