In the Studio: Paolo Lantieri

By Stephanie Scoggins


On July 8th Ganzo will introduce a new exhibit by Italian artist Paolo Lantieri. He is an amazing artist who mainly uses bright oil based colors in his artwork and his inspirations are women, music, and colors.

Being able to visit Lantieri at his studio was a special experience that I won’t forget. His studio is a small room located right outside of Florence’s city center with many of his paintings hanging on the walls and leaning stacked against the walls. His studio is everything I hoped and thought an artist studio would look like, chaotic and beautiful with artwork, paint, brushes, rags and papers everywhere. Lantieri is a very successful artist who has won awards and gold medals and even had his artwork showcased at the Olympics in Canada and China. He’s also exhibited in Vancouver and Beijing.

Talking with and getting to know Lantieri was a truly great experience. He is funny, genuine, and very passionate about colors.