Trial Version Puts Fine Arts Students to the Test

Think Florence is only historic and that contemporary art is hard to find? Think again, FUA events and initiatives will upturn this theory. The art departments at FUA, in collaboration with the F_AIR residency program, seek out what the city has to say about art today and involves its students in the art scene. Take for instance a pop-up exhibition, that takes place on Friday, June 14th, in the location of a former late-night industrial bakery in via delle Ruote 1/A just a few steps away from F_AIR.

Since 2011, a group of young and enthusiastic art professionals have started a creative and sustainable business called Trial Version. With their mission, geared towards the three principal concepts of cooperation, autonomy, and nomadism, they bring contemporary art events to stores, workshops, and offices that that have been closed in order to serve as a stimulus for to creatively reengage business activity. This vision is extremely valid in current times in the face of worldwide crises. We like to think that the hidden message is that art can work as a propeller for entrepreneurs who think out of the box.

This is why we, FUA’s School of Fine Arts, have embraced the project and participate in I Lottatori (The Wrestlers). The show brings together two young artists, Marco di Giuseppe and Fabrizo Sartori, and it is curated by Trial Version and Chiara Ruperti. On opening day, the artists will be supported by our art students who come from varying home universities and art backgrounds, and contribute to the project with their artistic skills. The outcome of the opening session remains on display until Tuesday, June 18th, from 5.00 PM to 7.30 PM. Marco di Giuseppe has explained to us that he has had a performative event, similar to I Lottatori before, where the renown Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli was staged as a model! Also in that case the performance was meant to investigate the relationship between art and art school, master and pupils, art and artists….
Participating FUA students and professors: Unnar Ari, Ailed Albarran, Sarah Brinson, Thomas Harty, Cameron Lucente, Ann-Margaret Stahl, Jamie Funderburk, professor Nicoletta Salomon. Furthermore, accompanied by professor Sydney Yeager, Trial Version hosts students from Austin Community College: Billie Buck, Debora Nance, Adrian D. Zamora, Cherise Duncan, Akber Ansar, Becky Jolin, Jon Beall, Cathy Castelberry.

FUA students are thoroughly enthusiastic about being included in Trial Version’s performance for I Lottatori. Post-event feedback will be released on the F_AIR website and FB page, while some initial comments reflect the impact on the students. Cameron Lucente, when describing the emotion of participating in an art project abroad, states, “It’s been absolutely fascinating! I have always been told to take every opportunity available to me, and to be a part of something of this project is a great experience! In addition, I have never taken part to an art event other than school art shows. The Idea of drawing alongside established artists is amazing. Plus, the connections and practice will be very rewarding”. And Ailed Albarran remarks: “I am not aware of projects such as this in  Mexico, where art seems to be just for exclusive groups, therefore I find this opportunity a lucky strike. I study architecture in Guadalajara, and I know just few school that have art show, but none of them allows such a chance of mingling. I am excited about the possibility of meeting and knowing Italian artists and people!”

After a photographic show in a out-of-business pet shop in March, I Lottatori is Trial Version’s second event of 2013 in Florence, made possible with the contribution of the Comune di Firenze within “Creatività in Azione 2012”.

Trial Version is: Marco Di GiuseppeMichela LupieriValeria MancinelliElena Mazzi, Stefania RispoliRosario Sorbello. We would like to thank them for the another great opportunity to mingle for our student community. In the pure spirit of FUA!