Final Exhibition: Caterina and the New Identities

By Katie Weiler
Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

New identities in the contemporary world are all around us. Identities are constantly being formed and changed, as a person can hold more than just one. Caterina de’ Medici and her own identity evolved in her lifetime, from belonging to an Italian family to becoming royalty of France. The discovery of the new identities in art and the world are shown through Caterina and her impact on identities throughout history by connecting the past with the future.

In the final student exhibition of the spring semester held from May 2 to June 16 you can see how artists are connecting the many identities of Caterina de’ Medici. Artists from both DIVA and IDEA classes at FUA have been selected to participate in this exhibit, which is connected to this semester’s conference on Caterina and the theme of identity. Students from departments at FUA will be featured in the exhibition, the Fine Arts event held May 1 at Ganzo and the opening DIVA event May 2 in Corridoio Fiorentino both at 6pm.

Discovering the many identities that Caterina represented throughout her life, the artwork depicts an aspect connecting the Renaissance world of Caterina and the contemporary world.

Mancini is the instructor for the gallery exhibition and curating class at FUA, which oversees the different elements of the event. “I was pleased to see such great talented students contained in the catalog,” Andrea Mancini said.

The gallery exhibition and curating class has worked to design the exhibition and select art pieces to include in the event along with writing critical reviews on the art pieces.

The artwork featured comes from a variety of fine arts mediums, such as watercolor and drawing in addition to contemporary platforms such as the digital arts and photography. These mediums also connect to the tradition and innovativeness in art, especially through a growing culture of globalization. “I was surprised how many ways you can talk through art,” Mancini said. Mancini showed the artwork in the exhibitions and shared an interest in the blending of old and new. This is Mancini’s first year involved in the organization of the final student exhibition and says it is a great experience for the art to represent the talent of the school. For most of the students it is their first exhibition, and even though some may say it is only a college exhibit the students work hard to maintain a high level of professionalism throughout the process.

“For the students, I hope it’s a great memory. Hopefully, it’s just the first of a long career as an artist,” Mancini said. The theme of Caterina and new identities will help these artists uncover their own identities in a time of self discovery. Mancini thought it was fitting that Columbus discovered the Americas around the time of Caterina, which can relate to the discovery of the unknown and a combination of world history impacting us even today. The theme of identity is always apparent in art, which this fantastic final exhibit of the semester will share through mediums depicting the history of art, both past and present.