Curating Luca Di Castri


By Giovanna Franciosa
Photo by Alessia Pesaresi

Last week at Ganzo we had an opening for Luca Di Castri’s exhibition, entitled Appearances VI. Putting together this exhibition was such an amazing experience and working with Luca was great, as he was very involved in the process. Looking back at our past exhibitions, the other artists were very helpful and enjoyable to work with, however Luca took special care in meeting and working directly with us through the entire process of preparing for his show.

This time around, we definitely felt more pressure to put together the best exhibition that we possibly could, as Luca was there for everything that we did. He came with us to photograph his paintings, create the catalogue and even to hang the show. He had a lot of input in the planning of the exhibition, which was new for us. I really enjoyed how involved Luca became for two important reasons. The first was that it allowed for us to get to know Luca and to understand how he works, which helped us to decide how the show should be put together and how his paintings should be displayed. The second reason is that it offered us a more realistic glimpse into the professional world of gallery curation, as we had to work one on one with the artist and consider not only our own ideas but the wishes of the artist as well. We had to learn to compromise and change our own ideas in order to fit the artist’s requests.

In the end, the show became much more personal, as we spent a lot more time with the works of art and the artist himself, which allowed us to be able to have a much deeper connection and understanding of the beautiful and meaningful paintings in the exhibition.

Check out the exhibition page including Luca’s catalog as well as photos from the opening.