Visit to Galleria Il Ponte

Our foray into Gallery Curation and Management continued on Tuesday with a visit to Galleria Il Ponte on via di Mezzo here in Florence. The show that is currently hung is titled Syntax II, a collection of a collection of Robert C. Morgan’s works from 2012-2013. While he is widely recognized as an art critic and an author, Robert C. Morgan has still managed to maintain his career as an exhibiting artist.

Robert C. Morgan, Nina IV, 2006.*

In 1970, while living in Santa Barbra, California, Morgan developed his visual language of abstract geometric shapes. This choice to work with shapes is represented in the show at Galleria Il Ponte (curated by Andrea Alibrandi). Both Mia and myself are artists learning and making art in the present, and it was refreshing to see an artist who is successful now and not relying on size to make impressive paintings. This emphasized the fact that sometimes it is better to have small, intimate pieces to make a better connection with the viewer. In contemporary art today, so often it is seen that some series are made big just for the sake of being large in size. His pieces may not be large, but they are still able to establish an architectural quality. Morgan contrasts white or metallic shapes with dark blues and umber while the paler shades reflect light while the darker shapes absorb it. These qualities are accentuated in areas of overlap where the light is simultaneously being reflected and absorbed creating a visual paradox. Syntax refers to the principles that govern a particular process, and in Morgan’s case he is manipulating those principles to create a unique space that is able push and pull the eye. This, combined with his aesthetic choices in color, use of space, and composition, builds a cohesive and impressive body of work, shown at Galleria II Ponte this summer.

Mia Badham and Melissa Kreider

Galleria Il Ponte | Firenze 50121 | Via di Mezzo, 42/b | Open 15:30 – 19:30 daily | Tel.055240617

ROBERT C. MORGAN | Syntax II | May 30th- June 27th 2014

*Nina, IV, 2006 by Robert C. Morgan was pulled from la Repubblica Firenze.