Beyond Perception: Two different takes on Donald Blair’s exhibition


On march 14th the Corridoio Fiornentino in via tintori 21 hosted Donald Bair’s art exhibition: Beyond Perception. A idiosyncratic show where photography, film and stereodelics come together. Since the theme of the exhibit is how we can see different worlds when we change slightly our gaze, we decided to give you two different points of view of the same event. Can you tell the slight difference between the two pieces? What differences can you find between the two?

Portrait of the artist at Corridoio Fiorentino

Through the Glass, Into the Mind of Donald Blair

By Sarah Simpson, Carly Eggers.

The artwork exhibited featured colorful photographs of glass and other materials.
Some even featured a 3D element, in which special glasses were provided to attendees to maximize the experience. The pieces shown were extremely elaborate. In order to make his vision come alive each piece underwent a tedious technical process. Projectors, photoshop and a lot of patience went into these pieces to make them the best that they can be.

One of Donald’s most recent projects featured at the event was a book that he created with a virtuous perspective in mind. He asked individuals to write down a positive statement or word of encouragement. Through tedious work those words were then projected onto the hands of the individuals, and compiled the photos into a book.

His inspiration for creating and selling the book is that it serves as an “atomic love bomb”. He wants to accomplish spreading happiness to present participants and future viewers. With great ambitions he intends to donate the profits to foundations that appreciate the arts and help promote peace.

Blair is a one of a kind person, who greets every new person he encounters with gratitude and a warm embrace. Being famous is no desire of his and he would rather strive to make a positive impact on the world in his time.

Through art Blair can show his audiences the perceptions he has about life. His experiences, thoughts and visions come alive through his work. Donald’s art helps shed light onto anyone who views it. He only hopes that he can keep doing this and send his message to others. Art is his passion and he wants to share it with the world.

Beyond Perception with Donald Blair

By Angelique Gray, Eric Abruzzi, Nicole Forlezza.

This exhibit showcased psychoactive pieces that ranged from close up photographs that displayed the detail of certain glass items, to important messages glowing on his subject’s hands.

“I like to cultivate my mind like a garden,” Blair said “I use psychedelics to try to enhance my creativity.”

Blair has experienced some extreme hardships in his life. Struggling through foster care and eventually begging for money on the street are just some of the issues he has overcome. His luck turned when someone he didn’t even know left him money. This jump started his dream of travelling the world and working on his art.

Blair was a professional magician until the age of 30, when he decided to go to school to study art and pursue his dreams. He began practicing magic at the age of 5, so quitting to pursue art was a big step for him.

Countless hours of work go into all of Blair’s artwork. The artist puts a creative spin on each and every one of his pieces, this process for perfection takes time.

“It is a very tedious process where I use a projector, photoshop and a lot of patience,” Blair said.

Blair’s quest to spread happiness through his personality comes to the forefront of his pieces. The artist has no desire to be famous but would rather leave his mark on the world and make people happy in the process. Blair will continue to grow as an artist and perfect his craft.

“I never want to be famous, but I do want to reach as many people as I can to spread love and positivity,” Blair said.

Blair’s pursuit to make people happy does not start and stop with one place. When he says he wants to leave his mark on the world, he is being quite literal. Blair has traveled to many different countries to study and create art. These countries include the United States, China, and various countries in Africa and Europe.

Because of the hardship Blair has endured in his life, he donates the profits of his art to efforts towards peace and love and the arts. For Blair, art is an outlet for him to combine his message with his passion.