A glass studio to work in

Back in Florence from Prague, Lukas Machalicky has eventually moved his equipment and materials inside the brand-new glass studio. The glass studio is freshly built in the middle of the courtyard of our premises in via San Gallo. Now Lukas alternates intense moments of cutting, gluing, varnishing, and polishing, to quick chats, and jokes with the students and the faculty. It is interesting to see him work: he is always very concentrate, and does not seems to be much distracted by being literally on display. Still, when he gets interrupted, he is able to get focused and interact with you. This happens probably because it is already clear in his mind where he wants  to end up with the project that he is preparing for F_AIR at the beginning of May, therefore he takes distractions very easily. Shown here some dangerous chemicals that he has brought back from Prague, and some hand stretching after a long session of work in the comfy glass studio.