Meeting with AParte

The exhibition “Di punto in bianco, tutto d’un tratto, improvvisamente” by Federica Gonnelli  closes with a very welcome visit by AParte, the cultural association of the friends of the Pecci Center for Contemporary Art in Prato. Also present was the president Ignazio Fresu, who spent very positive words on the show and the activities at F_AIR. The visit to the exhibition by AParte fully conforms their mission to promote the knowledge of all modes and expressions of modern and contemporary art.

AParte was founded in 1994. Since then, it has organized trips and travels to the main sites of the arts and guided tours in Italy and abroad. Their members also offer voluntary work for the Center for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci. In addition AParte is also a magazine, which focuses in particular on Tuscan contemporary art events and exhibitions.

AParte considers its members part of a well cultivate family, where cultural interests have the priority.

Here a photograph of the members, including the artist Federica Gonnelli (second from the right), and the president of AParte, Ignazio Fresu (first on the left on the front row).