Lukas going, Kali settling

Just a week after his opening, Lukas left F_AIR to go back to Prague and install an exhibition by Tomáš Souček + Petra Hudcová at the Gallery SPZ which he runs in the Czech capital. He will come back soon to dis-install his Fool’s Mate… so far the most assertive exhibition that we have had at F_AIR. During his stay in Florence Lukas has learnt to say “rigorous” in Italian; Fool’s Mate is no doubt a very rigorous show, and we are all proud to have had it here: it has contributed to shape the strong personality of our gallery.

Here Lukas and Kalliope Nikolou, the new F_AIR’s guest for the summer 2012 are browsing some DOs and DON’Ts about the residence program, and they are about to exchange their keys.

Kalliope Nikolou, from Greece, but resident in Amsterdam, has already started her courses. She is teaching drawing to her students through the faces and roles of  those who are governing in Europe at the moment. A first step toward critical thinking;-).

Last Friday, May 17, we toured around some openings/events around the city, so that Kali had the chance to meet people that hopefully will turn into fruitful relationships. We first visited Zone, a gallery in via del Porcellana, which inaugurated a solo by Andreas Schwarzkopf. Afterward we moved to the nearby inauguration of Seeds, at the Biagiotti Gallery, featuring Andras Calamandrei, Federico Gori, Alberto La Penna, Maria Francesca Tassi, Xiuzhong Zhang.


Andras Calamandrei # 2 unknown, 2011, embroidery on tapestry textile, 170x130 cm

Last, but not least, we headed to Frau Frisor Fosca, in piazza Giorgini, for the overtly enjoyable performance Play For A Subject, Microphone And Target|All!, which saw two of the Kinkaleri, Massimo Conti and Marco Mazzoni, shouting, gargling, and contorting behind some plywood silhouettes, reminiscent of the avant-garde scene of the early XX century. The start was announced by an unexpected homage to Donna Summer, since the news of her passing had just circulated. Then at 9.00 PM, sharper than a Swiss watch, the piéce loosely inspired by William Burroughs began, first subdue, than in a crescendo exalting the crowd gathered inside and outside the once being barber shop. Those who found their spot inside Fosca were pretty lucky, since they could enjoy the show at their best. From the outside, All was  a bit deaf, screened as it was by the large windowpane, still rage and exaltation persisted in the agitated movements of Marco Mazzoni caught by a mirror.Dancers, artists, passerby with or without kids assisted the performance. In the public also some component of Spazi Docili, that I was just thinking to introduce to F_AIR’s present resident, in order to get a different perception of the “cradle of the Renaissance”. The two parties are going to meet on Monday for an alternative city walk.

That’s Kali first exit in Florence…