A new exhibition of previous A.I.R. Christiana Caro

These photographs are from various sites, publications and archives. They inform each other through shared time and wanderings that span islands, gardens and museums as well as the land, sea and sky. Each site weaves history with the ever unfolding present and my work is a reflection, based on the thread of personal experience, historic legacy, and institutional mythology. Recollection and revelation hinge on the will of reminiscence and the reflex of memory; in the varied rehearsals of history, all versions are valid and equally untrue.

On Great Rye Island I sought out a local museum, arrived, and was given a local book. Published in 1989, it contains views made by photographers from this Slovakian outpost over twenty years ago. Its images mirrored my own explorations of the site today, with unintentional re-photography – twin images that have occurred across decades. In between all the political shifts, redrawn boundaries and the more casual displacements of time, these works hover between duration, document, and storytelling.

This place is that, was that, and will become …

Keep walking along the Danube bank
a full moon above the hill,
to see one more thing. (We see so much).
The path, a line, a spiral, a labyrinth …
either way, it leads to a well.
Above looking in.
Going down.
(Maybe this means you lived twice).

Christiana Caro (1980) is a young American photographer, currently on Fulbright Research Fellowship in Slovakia. She resided at F_AIR from May to August, 2011.