F_AIR Presents Arty Friday with Lukáš Machalický

On February 10th, FAIR’s Lukáš Machalický, the first Artist in Residence for 2012, gave a lecture to the students about his previous and upcoming works. Lukáš, hailing from Prague, discussed his previous installation pieces and their relations to the current social and political issues in his hometown. He is currently working on game-like pieces, in which rules that were initially created for the progress of the game cease to apply, causing a distortion in the overall performance of the game. He associates such mechanisms to political agendas, discussing how previously existing structures can no longer function once the fundamental laws have been altered. One major element that exists in his work is his careful selection of materials; everything has been chosen for a specific reason. When I had inquired about the importance of material in his work, Lukáš explained that just like site specificity projects, materials themselves have environmental associations. For example, Lukáš elaborated on his use of concrete, citing its relation to the end of communism. His careful attention to materials and details comes from the influence of architecture, which inspires him to apply distinct structural aspects into his installation. Lukáš closed the lecture by answering a question regarding expectations from FAIR. He expresses his excitement for the new cultural experience that Florence will provide, as well as his involvement with students (who come from different areas in America). Not only is he eager to learn about the Italian culture Florence has to offer, but he is also learning about American ideologies from his students. Lukáš’ plans on incorporating these new experiences in his final product, which will be revealed in May 3.

Arthur Kozlovski

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