About F_AIR


F_AIR, the community integration project at the School of Fine Arts under FUA’s School of Arts and Sciences are proud to announce the first artist in residence program in the very center of Florence for artists from all over the world.

In recent years, Florence has accepted the challenge of contemporary art and culture, and it has been consequently experiencing an incredible cultural explosion. Signs are evident throughout the city center and beyond in newer neighborhoods expanding outside the historical walls. The residency offers an opportunity for artists and students to understand these signs and how they play a role in the city’s artistic and cultural life.

Located in the heart of Florence, the residency offers many advantages to both the artists who will take part in the program and the students of FUA School of Fine Arts, who will be present in the facilities during academic sessions.

F_AIR furthermore: 

Seeks to offer the opportunity for students and artists to grow, experiment, and produce life changes as a result of the stimulating environments of our academic structure, of Florence, and ultimately of a creative working stay in Italy.

Desires an active participation within the cultural life of contemporary Florence, a life that is currently in an incredibly positive season for contemporary art while continuing to emulate the solid inspirational principles of the city’s history.

Aspires to immerse the resident artist in the creative process of FUAs School of Fine Arts and to create a stimulating artistic environment within and beyond the academic premises.

Encourages the artists to be positively reactive towards the academic environments proposals, as well as towards Florence’s past and present cultural scene.